ProSol Agri Grow™

Prosol Agri Grow© is a unique formulation of non-toxic mineral compounds for the control of a broad spectrum bacterial , fungal and viral infestations found in agriculture, horticultural and field crops.
Highly effective to kill off a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses in drinking water (Humans and Animals), pack-house water baths, on field crops, vegetables and fruit orchards.

•Odourless and acceptable for certification of products as being organically produced.
•The unique formulation of gold, Zinc, Silver, copper and other elements now provides enhanced benefits at low cost to farmers and food processors.
•Eliminates the need to use synthetic chemical bactericides and fungicides.
•A unique formulation of non-toxic mineral compounds.
•Effective in pH ranges from 6.0 to 7.8
•Results orientated cost effective product
•Wide application:
•Anti Viral

“The product in its mentioned application has no toxic levels” – CSIR (South Africa)
Conforms & exceeds WHO / EPA Standard for human and animal consumption, in correct dosages.

What is important for the farmer and based on what crops and what the problems are in the soil and the water is the following.
• Using Agri Grow reduces and or eliminates the use of synthetic fertilisers such as phosphates, nitrates and sulphates that are used to enhance crop growth.
• It will increase the yield of crop per hectare of land.
• Agri Grow continues to work in the soil and in the plant, without the build-up of metals that has a negative effect downstream. Run off from agricultural fields into rivers and dams will enhance the water ways downstream and clean the water of any bacteria algae and phytophthora issues.
•Eliminates the need to use synthetic chemical bactericides and fungicides.
•Yield and quality of the crops have seen an increase with the use of Prosol Agri Grow©.