Super Pure

A new sanitising product in two forms; gel form for medical professionals including doctors, veterinarians, nurses and dentists, that is non-irritant and ensures the removal of 100% of bacteria, much like a second skin.


Intended use is prior to and during operations and other surgical procedures or checkups where the hands must be super clean and bacteria and virus free; window of 72 hours.

Gel also available in 50ml sachets.

In spray form, Super Pure™ is the ideal and most effective sanitiser for operating tables, examination tables, cleaning of instruments and for animal use the sterilisation of holding cages and kennels.

The product has been tested by the CSIR and SABS for 100% removal from surfaces for animals and humans of Canine and Feline Parvo, TB, Foot & Mouth Disease, Gastroenteritis, Meningitis, Anthrax, Septicemia, Gangrene, skin infections, Yellow Fever, Measels, Ebola, Shingles, Lentivirus (HIV Types I-VII Aids), common cold, Hepatitis B, Fowl Pox, Infuenza A in Pigs, Equine Rhinovirus amongst dozens of others!