Pure Pool

Every pool owner or public pool operator longs for a simple solution to keeping their pool clear, bacteria free and helping ensure no skin and eye reactions. Our product provides this with no Chlorine or other manufactured chemicals, meaning crystal clear water that is 100% safe!


  • Purifies and sterilizes water
  • Keeps water sparkling blue and crystal clear
  • Backwash water is safe for watering grass and plants
  • Does not cause eye or skin irritations, ear or other infections and asthmatic attacks.
  • One litre of Pure Pool™per 50 000 – 60 000 litres of pool water approximately every four weeks
  • Water is physically softer and odourless

A revolutionary chlorine-free swimming pool sanitiser designed for easy cleaning and maintenance of both domestic and commercial pools. If you currently use traditional chlorine based swimming pool supplies it’s easy to switch. Pure Pool™ is a saturated complex ionic aqueous solution containing copper, silver, zinc, aluminium and gold.

The microscopic action of these natural mineral ions with the algae and bacteria are twofold.

Firstly the algae and bacteria in the water are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes as the ions break down their DNA structures and cell walls.

Secondly, all these charged particles floc together so they can be trapped by a filter. The ions maintain a stable “Pure Pool™” residual in the water until used up by the process. Typically a swimming pool with a volume of 50 000 to 60 000 litres of water only needs to be dosed with one litre of Pure Pool™ every 4 weeks and during the winter months may require dosing only every six weeks.

The advantages and desired effect of this pool treatment solution will be to improve the quality of the swimming pool water and drastically reduce the exposure of swimmers and lifeguards to chlorine and its irritating and harmful effects such as asthmatic conditions.

There are a few things to consider when changing over to Pure Pool

• Because of it’s characteristics it will look like it is not working but making things worse for a pool when in fact it is only doing it’s job.

• Potential clients need to know this beforehand

• So that when it happens they are not alarmed by it.

• Please use our help line number +27 86 170 1700

• There are no bad elements in Pure Pool which is why it is an Eco Friendly product.


• A pool filter is the most important factor in the system so the first question should be:

• When last did you change your sand?
• The sand should not be older than a year old.

• If the sand is older than a year this means that it will just take a while longer to clean out the system.

• Should the sand be very old it is advisable to do a sand change before adding the Pure Pool.

• Please advise customers with cartridge filters that it will take much longer and much more backwashing to clear the system.

Pure Pool vs Copper Sulphate

• Pure Pool does not work well with copper sulphate products as the copper sulphate will precipitate out of solution and cause staining.

• BLU52 and algaecides are not compatible with Pure Pool.

• Should any of these products have been used recently then its is advisable to let them work out of the system first before applying Pure Pool.

What will happen

• In most cases once Pure Pool has been added you will experience the pool going off colour.

• The reason for this is that all scale build up, bio film and hidden algae in the system are being flushed out by Pure Pool and will end up in the water.

• In the first few hours one should backwash regularly to get rid of the initial dirt coming out the system.

• We have a gel which should be put in the weir to catch the finer particles not trapped by the sand.

• Depending on the size of the pool this clean out of the system could vary from a day to a few weeks and after that your entire system will be clean and stay clean.

Pure Pool and heated pools

• We have experienced more difficulty with heated pools but they just take a while longer to sort out.

• Most swimming schools have heated pools and this is where more bacteria and organic matter play a role which makes it a bit more difficult to get rid of.

• This just means a few more backwashes and a higher dosage of Pure Pool will do the trick.

• It would be advisable to get our help on heated pools before going ahead with dosing.

• A lot depends on water temp and bather load.

Example of monthly cost treating a Pool

Swimming Pool size:
25 meters x 20 meters x average depth 1.5 meters x 1000 =
750 000 litres water.

750 000 divided by 60 000 = 12.5

13X Pure Pool @ R171.00 per litre = R2223.00 Vat Included per Month.

Chlorine Cost for the same pool: +/- R6000.00 Plus