Pure Drop

Pure Drop™ is a simple to use additive to water in very low dosages to wash fruit and vegetables to extend shelf life, add to drinking water to make it potable and a great companion for traveling in order to protect against waterborne diseases. Suited to add to water for making ice.
1 drop per litre for tap water
2 drops per litre for borehole water
3 drops per litre for river water
4 drops per litre for dirty river water
5 drops per litre for unknown water source
5 drops in a glass of water three times a day for gastro and to treat
stomach bacteria and viruses
• Use a drop or two per litre in water to wash or rinse fresh fruit and vegetables and they stay fresh significantly longer.
• Use 2 drops per litre to extend the shelf life of freshly squeezed fruit juices.
• One drop per litre extends the shelf life of bottled water.
Pure DropTM Clean. Pure. Safe.


  • Kills most known bacteria in water
  • Sterilises and sanitises water
  • Assists in stopping diarrhoea
  • Helps prevent dehydration
  • Assists as preservative for milk, fruit juices and drinking water

At 1 drop per litre of tap water or 5 drops per litre for water from unknown sources, Pure Drop™ returns your water to that which nature intended.

Advantages of Pure Drop™

  • Point of Use water treatment
  • Kills 100% of all waterborne bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Kills anaerobic bacteria but does not attack aerobic (good) bacteria
  • Meets and exceeds WHO and US EPA standards for drinking water
  • Meets SANS 241 drinking water specs in dosed form
  • 30ml (bottle) treats 450 litres of partially treated tap water or 80 litres of dirty river or borehole water
  • Once the water is treated it continues to kill bacteria if re-exposed
  • If the water is bottled or sealed the shelf life is 12 months
  • Has additional therapeutic properties
  • Reduces symptoms of gastro related illnesses
  • Listed in various EU countries as approved for adding to water for drinking

Product Functions


  • Prevention of infection of water systems by water borne bacteria such as legionella, Yersinia, shigella, salmonella, cholera and coliform bacteria.
  • Disinfection of water systems contaminated by water borne bacteria such as legionella, Yersinia, shigella, salmonella, cholera and coliform bacteria.

Effective Against most IMPORTANT BACTERIA

  • Vibro Cholera
  • Campylobacter
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • E-Coli
pure drop
Pure Drop
  • Pure Drop™ can be used in any water to dip fruit and veg into to extend shelf life and protect from bacteria.

24 October – 22 November


before and after pure drop

  • Before water was taken from a small river in Zambia.
  • The after water was after 3 drops of Pure Drop.