Product Advantages

  • Effective against water borne pathogens including Phytopthora and Pythium.
  • Promotes robust growth and increased yields.
  • Eliminates the need for synthetic chemical bactericides and fungicides.
  • Non Toxic, Safe for human and animal consumption (in diluted form).
  • Organic.
  • Cost effective.
  • 5 Year shelf life.

The Prosol water sanitizing product is a saturated ionic complex solution that is completely chlorine free. This product was developed during the 1990s and its unique combination of ions in solution has a powerful sanitizing effect, even in concentrations as low as 1:250 000. It was shown that this water sanitizer controls a range of bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi, of which many are pathogenic bacteria and viruses causing disease in humans and animals. The mode of action by which micro-organisms are destroyed is through breakdown of the DNA structures and cell membranes of these micro-organisms. Being effective as a water sanitizer, this product complies with WHO and SANS241 standards. All known dry chlorine products used for water sanitation are not UV stable and dissipate over a short period, where as Prosol remains constant in combating all pathogens irrespective of UV conditions. As it is chlorine free, it is a safer alternative to purify water, even bulk water, for human consumption.

Apart from being a water sanitizer it was also found that this product has application in agriculture as a growth stimulant. This is because the metal ions in the product also serves as micronutrients for plants. As the ions in the product are in solution, it would already be expected to be more effective than dry chemical fertilizers. Improved growth and yield were obtained for a number of fruit and vegetable crops, such as spring onions, tomato, parsley and strawberries. Root born fungal diseases, such as Phytophthora and Pythium are major problems in many crops. Preliminary trials with this product have shown high effectiveness in controlling these diseases. The product therefore has a combined effect in causing firstly, healthier roots with subsequent improved uptake of water and nutrients, and secondly to provide micronutrients that are important in many metabolic processes, such as photosynthesis, in the plant.

However, in terms of agricultural application, the product is mostly in the research and development stage. It is further tested as a fertilizer additive to improve growth of crops. The product was shown to be highly effective in improving growth of avocado and litchi trees in the nursery. The product is also tested as a postharvest dip to determine its efficacy against some postharvest fungal infections. In this instance, promising results have been obtained with successful control of blue mould (Penicillium sp.) on litchi. It is envisaged that this product has huge future potential in a range of agricultural applications, not only due to its efficacy but also because it is an environmentally safe product leaving no residues in the crops it is used on and no build up of  metals in the growth mediums.