Over 50 Reasons To Use Our Product

1.Pure DropTM for point of use water purification.
Pure VetTM for treatment on animal’s drinking water. Pure San ProTM for bulk water treatment.
Super PureTM for medical use for sterilisation of surfaces and instruments. Also available in 50ml sachets for travel.
Pure Vet PlusTM for use by veterinarians in hospital drinking water and orally for treatment of ailments. Pure MistTM a high end home or commercial hand sanitiser and surface sanitiser long lasting and 100% effective..All our products are 100% Chlorine Free.
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

2.There now is no excuse why all people cannot have access to safe drinking water that also has health benefits beyond simply being bacteria free.
3.All of our products meet or exceed WHO (World Health Organisation) and US EPA guidelines for being safe for use.
4.Our products are tested and approved by CSIR and SANS.
5.No resistance build up by Bacteria or Viruses. 6.Pure PoolTM has many health benefits for your
animals, whether they swim in or drink the pool
7.The water treatment and pool products keep all
pipes, regardless of what they made of free
from algae, calcium build up, scale and bacteria. 8.None of our products cause allergies.
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

9.Pure PoolTM therapeutic advantages which besides there being no irritation to skin and eyes, the water actually treats skin conditions, allergies, acne etc and is safe to drink!
10. Pure DropTM and Pure San ProTM actually have a preventative use in terms of fighting off harmful bacteria in the body. Use daily at 3 drops per glass of water.
11. Only bad Bacteria are attacked by our products with good bacteria left to thrive. Why? This is because water in its purest form still has bacteria but not the ones that make us sick.
12. Our products are more cost effective than the alternatives.
13. We don’t believe in “up to 99.9%” which is an open ended statement. We believe in 100% effective control.
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

14. When Pure DropTM is added to water to rinse fruit and vegetables in the chemicals on the food stuffs are removed and your family eats healthier. Bad Bacteria is killed and the result is longer lasting products that are healthier to eat whilst saving you money due to reduced waste.
15. When using Pure PoolTM The life span of your hoses, pool cleaning equipment, pool covers and the pool itself are all extended as they are not being corroded away by harmful and dangerous chemicals. In addition when your pool pump is switched off, no bacteria begins to grow in your pool pipes and sand filter.
16. You can now safely backwash your pool water into the street and help the environment. Alternatively backwash onto your garden or
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

lawn which will have a visible effect on growth and foliage. What other product has positive effects when you water your plants with your pool water?
17. There is no need to travel anywhere anymore and potentially be affected by poor water quality whether travelling in Africa, Asia, Europe or the Americas.
18. Pure AgriTM when dosed into irrigation water increases seed germination, yield cycle time, total yield and quality of the crop.
19. Super PureTM products reduce the time it takes to completely sterilise all surfaces, medical instruments, holding cages, hospital beds and other surfaces in some cases by 90% and always with 100% effectiveness.
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

20. Super PureTM products have been tested and certified to kill the Ebola virus and HIV on surface areas within minutes.
21. Keep fishponds and fish tanks clean and clear without killing natural elements whilst maintaining the Nitrogen cycle needed to maintain healthy fish.
22. Pure DropTM can be used for stomach bacterial problems such as Gastroenteritis etc.
23. Pure DropTM can be added to any drink or liquid (not just water) and can be used when making ice.
VetTM can be used to prevent and treat Biliary.
25. Pure MistTM is great for eliminating athletes foot, skin allergies such as eczema and
Pure VetTM kills ticks by a phenomenon of
altering their metabolism and thereby
incapacitate disease causing organisms. Pure
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

Completely kills the bacterial infection on cuts and abrasions. It can also be used when lack of medical supplies or medicines are available to spray on wounds during and after stitching etc to ensure no infection reducing/removing the likelihood of septicemia.
26. Our products are safe for use on Children and the elderly.
27. Our livestock application is used to kill worms in sheep and keep all animals in better condition whilst ensuring water troughs and water tanks do not accumulate bacteria, algae and other things such as giardia.
28. Soak dishcloths, wet tea towels, facecloths and sponges etc in water with some Pure DropTM added for an overnight 100% kill of bacteria as well as cleaning the cloth. Soak
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

mops overnight in water with Pure DropTM
added for a complete clean.
29. Used in water for coffee machines, 3 drops
per liter of Pure DropTM prevents bacteria growing in the water reservoir and eliminates the need to descale as the product inhibits scale from forming in the first place.
30. Use in air-conditioning systems and evaporative coolers, our product prevents and kills legionellae and other harmful bacteria.
31. Dosed water can still be consumed after 12 months and remain 100% bacteria free.
32. The list of bacteria and viruses that Super PureTM has been independently tested on and kills is sitting at over 100 and includes everything from the influenza to Foot and Mouth disease.
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

33. We are constantly researching, testing and developing the dosages for our products to ensure we continue to build on the effectiveness of the products and extend the range of uses.
34. Pure VetTM is the next generation preventative product for animals through the simple addition to drinking water!
35. Pure DropTM can be used in a humidifier to kill bacteria in both the unit itself and when released into the air. Great for winter when people have the flu and has been used effectively in humidifiers to treat snakes and other reptiles that drink erratically and therefore cannot be dosed for Pneumonia etc using conventional applications.
36. Our products are registered, approved and used in many European countries, some of
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

which have the most stringent procedures in place before approving products to be added to water either for drinking or bathing.
37. We have products that are FDA approved and can be used for spraying onto food including meat for bacteria and virus eradication as well as safe shelf life extension.
38. Spas, Jacuzzis and steam rooms can be used with hygienic confidence.
39. Side effects from overdosing or over using our products are minimal to zero.
40. Pure San ProTM Kills Blue Green Algae in dams and waterways.
41. Can be transported and carried easily and safely.
42. Can be used in dairy milking applications on equipment for cleaning to ensure a quicker,
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

cost effective and more proficient bacteria and
virus control.
43. Can be added to freshly squeezed juices to
extend shelf life.
44. Ideal for use in fish hatcheries where white
spot and fin rot are common do the density of
fish per M3 of water.
45. Dosed into water pipes prior to entering
houses, laundries (to prevent scale stains) and almost any dwelling will ensure clean safe drinking water and thriving gardens with clean and clear pipes whilst not interfering with other filters, distribution systems etc.
46. Pure DropTM can be diluted for use as a spray for bacteria in the mouth and gums that often causes irritation and breath and for toothaches.
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

47. Super PureTM gel continues to work for 72 hours after application to hands.
48. Pure MistTM can be sprayed onto dead rats, mice and birds to prevent cross infection to humans and pets and reduce smell until disposal.
49. Soak or wipe braai and barbecue grills and plates in dosed water before using to ensure no bacteria has lingered.
50. Add to water in freshly cut flowers for in order to keep them fresher for longer or when rooting new plants to ensure quick take and root growth.

51.Due to inclusion of silver it is a natural
antimicrobial remedy that kills off harmful bacteria in the body without affecting the good bacteria. It can be used to get rid of inflammation and irritations, making it an ideal alternative to antibiotics. ( gargle for sore throat )
DIRECTORS: H J P Ashford; J Dunford; M E Mokoena; J Penrose (Aus.)

Please remember to always use as directed.